A Wonderful Update


It’s nearing the end of our first workamping season here in Lutsen, and boy has it been an eventful one.

We’ve spent so much time with the J-1 students that are also here for the season from different countries. All with different backgrounds and upbringings. It’s never a dull conversation, because nothing is ever the same anywhere. We’ve grown close to two of the students from Turkey who share a room here in the employee housing. But we do enjoy being with all the other students just as much, don’t get me wrong. We spend most of our free time with each other, going out to eat, swimming, or even just being with each one another.

A few months back we decided to adopt a little dog in need. We named her peaches. She’s a twenty five pound terror. She’s so happy to join us on our adventure and we are so happy to have her with us.

Among her terrorizing our small RV household, we’ve had an infestation of chipmunks who decided to come inside of our cabinets and eat all of our nuts while we were asleep!

Over the course of these few months I ventured far out into the woods via the cross country trails and have seen such exciting wild life. Even a close encounter with a giant wolf! The views here are to die for, as well as the constant pestering nuisance of bugs. BUGS BUGS EVERYWHERE! Never in my life have I encountered so many mosquitos.

After months of not being able to hook our water up, I took a light and tried to find the source of the problem and spent around an hour digging through the back of the wall only to find that all I needed to do was unscrew a ventilation hole and I could see right to where the problem was. FIVE MONTHS in the making and we can finally run the water now after all this time of using gallon water jugs.

There’s been so much to do and so little time, I just haven’t gotten the time it seems to just sit down and write down all thats happened. I am too busy wondering by the water falls or walking the dogs. Working five to six days a week, and then hanging out with our friends here.

The time here is so strange. It’s completely different from city time. It feels as if my days are going longer. I love it so much. I can’t wait to see the west coast and experience more of what is out there. This community is so tiny, and we have everything here. But the things I miss the most are food options. Atlanta had everything, any type of food was minutes away. Here it’s one way in and one way out. Grand Marais has a few decent restaurants but only one fast food chain, and thats Dairy Queen. I miss Taco Bell and Moe’s more than anything. A Good southern Mexican restaurant or even a sushi one would be so nice at this point.

I need to try to write more on here. I always forget to or put it on the back burner. I promise there will be more updates.


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