~Our First Week~

Our full time adventure started 12 p.m. March 29th, 2018.

After receiving the news that we were able to pick our RV up from the repair shop, we had a quick night sleep and ran to grab it from the shop in Kennesaw that next morning. Luckily Sara ( Chloe’s Mom) had a friend named Stephanie that let us keep it in her drive way while we finished the last of the renovations on it. Chloe, Sara, and myself worked all day from Friday to Wednesday finishing everything.

We installed the brand new dometic air conditioner then glued and painted the trim. After what seemed like weeks we were able load all of our boxes of clothes and accessories on Wednesday. We had dinner with my parents and left the following morning, to a RV repair shop because unfortunately on the way to my parents something was smoking underneath, we figured out it was something to do with the wheel. We were reassured that it was okay and sometimes the rotor sticks when it hasn’t been driven in a long time, basically the brakes were overheating and unable to cool down so the grease was dripping and burning off. We were told just to take it easy on the brakes since it hasn’t been driven with THIS much weight in a long while.

We parked at a Walmart and ate some lunch while trying to figure out where the hell we were going to go. We had spent all this time renovating this giant and not enough time figuring out where we were going. Our summer job starts on April 16th, but we have to be up there by April 15th so we have had all this time to do whatever we want.

We traveled two hours of back roads to the Tennessee / Georgia line, where it began to rain- and damn if it didn’t rain the hardest I’ve seen in a long time. We sat around for a few hours at the Rest Stop right off the highway until the rain let up. We drove to Cumberland City, Tennessee and we stayed at a place named Elk Harbor. After a night there we drove another few hours after waking up pretty late. We got to the next spot and were able to stay there for two nights, a spot outside of Cadiz. I can’t remember the name exactly but it had showers and electricity. That’s really all we cared about haha.

We drove an hour out of the small town to an even smaller charming town, where a Root Beer Saloon was home to. On the exterior, a beautiful old building and inside a room covered in taxidermy animal heads and oddities surrounding a bar with four varied root beers on tap. We both got classic floats and a small sandwich to go along with it- what a place. We both enjoyed ourselves and recommend stopping by should you catch yourself near Alto Pass, Illinois. After a late lunch we headed back to the RV park where we stayed the second night. We spent the next day at a park called “The Lake Between Lands” where we viewed elk and bison right from our RV windows, it was incredible to see these animals just feet from our home on wheels.

We spent two days and one night in St. Louis. The first day was spent mostly trying to run around the entirety of the city looking for a safe and big enough parking space to accommodate a twenty seven foot RV. After contacting an RV park a few miles outside of the city, we parked the RV at the park and Lyft’d to the City Museum where we climbed and slid around several floor levels of slides and tunnels. It was an amazing child like experience, one I honestly wish I had when I was younger although still recommended to those of all ages. With old school pinball and baseball games to an entire room dedicated to preserved species of bugs.

After we spent about three hours there, we got a ride back to the park where we stayed that night and ordered almost thirty five dollars worth of side dished from the BBQ place attached to the park. The next day we caught a ride to check out the St. Louis Zoo, a completely free – entry zoo. Unfortunately it was a rather dull and cold day so the animals weren’t too active.

After many, many rainy days we are currently in St. James, Missouri where we’ve been for two nights so far. We are currently staying at an RV park called Pheasant Acres, we were headed down to Arkansas since the weather has been slightly unpredictable, getting down to the very low twenties. This was something we were NOT prepared for. I left Thursday morning wearing shorts and a t shirt, I’m currently wearing jeans and a sweater inside the RV. We’ve decided to stay a few more days, since we feel rather comfy in this park. The host Sherry is very kind and loads us up with free conversation, so it’s a place I don’t mind at all.

Anyways there’s been so much that has happened within the last two weeks and barely enough words or time to describe the happiness and amazement we’ve felt. Thank you to all that have helped us along the way, I can’t wait to share with you more of what will be happening in the coming weeks. THANKS EVERYONE!



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