Three Weeks Away!!

Today is the fifth of February and lets be honest here, these next three weeks will be extremely stressful but it will all be worth it at the beginning of next month. We spent all of today (Monday) trying to finish up the inside.

We were able to use our electrical converter ran through a extension power chord to plug in a space heater for comfort, we’ve never really been able to plug it in, in any location we’ve had it at. The power all works great and has bright, clear lighting. I know what you’re thinking…”You’ve guys owned this thing for a year and some change and you’re just NOW getting around to checking the power?!” The shop we had it at told us that it worked so naturally we believed them!

Chloe’s mom was able to pick us up from our home in Midtown and drive us to my parent’s house in Marietta. We laid grout on the tiling in the space near the bathroom and then began to cut the insulation foam for under the wood flooring. I had my friend Justin come out and drink a few beers while helping me out with this task. He was able to stay and hang around for a few hours while lending a helping hand in whatever we needed help with.

We then started laying the wood flooring down over the insulation, cutting some to fit around the swiveling chair and stairs. We all have NEVER done this, it was a very stressful process but still we weren’t able to finish what we needed as we had ran out of daylight.

There’s a “Bon Voyage” party we are throwing on the twenty-sixth at Smith’s Olde Bar, I was able to get one of my favorite local bands play. “The Carolyn.” We are so excited to have everyone come out and hang one more time before we take off! So many emotions are running through us at all times. The day can’t come soon enough.




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