Well it’s coming along…

The lift off date, is approaching so rapidly and it’s nerve racking to say the least. While we still are working close to every day, we’re thinking about the trip and doing literally all the research possible to make sure we have places to stay in the first few locations we are traveling to.

Our first real destination is New Orleans, we’ve found a medium sized RV park outside of the French quarter with sweet amenities for the price. Our original goal was to stay in the city for a month and a half to two months to work and experience the city. BUT as fate will have it, thats unfortunately not the case. After many calls to RV parks and people who promised us “workamps” falling through, we frantically searched for another place to find a job and stay at for a bit. Luckily, after only a few phone calls we got a hit.

Though we may only be staying in the city for a week, we will be slowly making our way up to Minnesota, where we have a potential job lined up. A perfect fit for us, on a beautiful resort, with an amazing restaurant and large property. Things have began to look up on our rainy parade as of late.

It’s technically only around a month away and that is terrifying but nonetheless just as exciting. We’ve put in our month’s notice and have began packing our things. Cramming together useless items with sentimental value into beer and liquor boxes. We plan on storing most items we can’t take with us, i.e. our record player, game systems as well as books and various fragile items at our parents houses.

We just began to replace the 28 year old rug that lay on the floor. We are so excited to share the progress. We will keep you guys updated.

–   Jacob

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