Hey guys! Jacob here, and man, have Chloe and I been busy with the RV. After first buying and sending it to multiple shops over the past year. It’s finally done being tinkered with and we’ve almost completely finished the renovation process. We’ve spent all of our days off and a lot of our free time painting, unscrewing, and caulking the hell out of this thing.

While internally it’s built to run long distances, cosmetically it is a color terror straight from the nineties. Awful yellow rug with small brown runner rugs covering the entirety of the floor, the cabinets are made of wood with a faux gloss finish. A real retro nightmare.

On the first day we picked it up from the shop where they installed the new tires, we drove it twenty-five miles south west to a small house outside of Stone Mountain in Conyers. There is sat for the last two months, We visited it over the course of it’s stay every Monday and any other time we could with our busy, busy work schedule.

Chloe began to unscrew all the cabinets from the hinges and use a thinner of sort, to remove the awful faux wood with gloss from them. This process took FOREVER. After a few day of this, we finally began to prime the cabinets and sand the hell out of our amateur priming job. We ended up finishing the top cabinets about a month and a half after we first brought the RV to the property of a close friend. This time being around winter and close to an hour a way, our window of time during the day was unfortunately very limited.

We were giving a month and possibly longer under the impression that the owners of the  house didn’t mind, but unfortunately it turned to where they needed it off the property. So this becomes a very stressful situation very quickly, we didn’t really have any idea where to keep this massive twenty-seven foot beast of a vehicle. We asked the woman who owns the house we live in, who happens to be my great grandmother if we could keep it here to finish our renovations before our departure date in March. Seeing as it would be 10 feet from our front door, we could get everything we wanted to get done very quickly.

After my grandmother saw the size of the RV she didn’t want it at the house any longer than a week due to the constant activity in the driveway. Again thrown back into a very stressful situation with the problem of having no where to keep this massive thing. We began frantically contacting any one of social media, posting on every website to see if anyone could help us out.

We finally got a hit from a woman who lived in our neighborhood who owns a small chocolate factory outside the Westside of Midtown. We were overly ecstatic and drove it over there the very next morning, we pulled up into a small industrial parking lot and were able to park it right across the lot from her small plot.

We’ve spent about a week and a half here till unfortunately came to where the property manager contacted us and was not approving of our parking situation. We got a lot of things done on the inside while it was so close to us. We were able to re-seal most of the windows, prime and paint the bottom cabinets, and paint the bathroom and walls. We’ve gotten so much of the renovations done, all thats left is placing the doors back onto the frames. As well as covering and painting a clear gloss over a map on the dining table.

Yesterday we were able to drive the RV down to the suburbs of Marietta where my parents live. We have a small water spot under the driver side back window that has slowly been rotting. So over the next week or so, my father and I, along with my brother in law, will begin taking out the window and replacing the rotting wood with new wood.

We are SO close to finishing, it’s right in the palms of our hands. The take-off date is just as close. We’ve encountered such a stressful few months and look forward to telling you more about whats going on. Thank you guys so much for reading and supporting us! Sorry for the first post being a little long, theres just been SO MUCH that has happened in the last few months.

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