As 2018 Comes To An End… part 1.

I’m writing this now from a small RV Park outside of California City, California. It’s been some time now since the last time I’ve written anything. There’s been so much that has happened in the month since we left Cascade Lodge at the end of October. It’s hard to believe we’ve been traveling constantly since the day we left. We’ve road hours after hours down the Mississippi and through the desert.

Right away off the bat we drove down to Rock Island, Illinois to see one of my favorite Artists play, Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers. We immediately had problems with the RV. At no warning at all, the breaks were riding down to the roaders. We had to replace bother front break and roader. The mechanic noticed a gas leak from the bottom of our rig. “Oh joy, another damn problem.” we thought out loud. We drove another hour to spot outside a very small town in Iowa. I don’t recall the name, but after a small wait and the mechanics talking and looking below, it turned out to only be an “o-ring”, completely torn up. From old age. He replaced it for a measly $25. About an hour and we were back on the road again, heading towards Illinois. We found another problem… I would park the rig and we would get out, eat, go to Walmart or what have you and the RV just wouldn’t start back up… We panicked and thought of great, all of our money is going to be gone before we can even leave this state!! We bee lined to a local auto parts store where we met a couple of nice folks who helped us to take a look under the hood. After some examinations he came to the conclusion that it was the engines kill switch above the battery. An anti-theft device that hadn’t been installed properly, it was looser than hell and was causing our battery to disconnect from the power, making it impossible to start the RV. A screw and a few turns and we haven’t had a problem since.


Luckily we haven’t had any major issues besides small leaks of our power steering and engine oil. Problems down the road I’m guessing but nothing major at this point.

After having a wonderful time drinking beers and eating way too salty portobello fries at the Rock Island brewing company, we finally began heading down the Mississippi, rarely stopping unless for gas and puppy bathroom breaks. We spent a day and night in Jackson, Mississippi visiting my long time internet friend, Cody. He showered us with southern hospitality. Giving us movies and conversations from his one bedroom apartment. He gave the dogs some “much-needed” quality attention too, as if they don’t already have the best life. After a night of light drinking and talking we left the following morning bright and early at eight o’clock. After we started the car we drove a few feet and it began pouring rain, harder than I’ve seen in a long while. It seems the rain had followed us from Minnesota, I don’t think it stopped the entirety of the way down excluding around three days. Headed to New Orleans we got onto the highway. A small red car had pulled out in front of me and put on their breaks, naturally I pressed mine with a little less than needed time. At that very second, the breaks stuck and the wheels kept spinning, We were hydroplaning at 55+ mph and thousands of pounds pushing forward. I looked to my left and saw there was a small opening in front of all four lanes of morning traffic. I quickly turned the wheel to avoid completely destroying this tiny car and pulled aggressively in front of the semi trucks and cars. Horns blaring and hopes I didn’t hit any other cars. I slammed into the side of the highway luckily only smashing some of our hubcaps on the driver side. In complete shock I pulled over hyperventilating over this near miss with destruction. The only damage was to see was that the steering wheel was completely knocked upside down, which was worrying. We drove a few miles outside of the city to an auto body shop that worked on Semi’s. After waiting from 9 a.m. to around 3 p.m they finally got to take a look at our rig. We spent most of the day in the waiting room with the dogs, sitting on top of old crusty chairs and couches watching black and white TV shows. The head mechanic told us it would be the next day before they were able to work on it, but they gave us the option to stay overnight on their lot. So a free place to stay with electricity and wifi?! Of course we accepted. We spent the night eating Mexican food and watching King of the Hill on our TV. After the morning came and the parts came they worked on our rig for a few hours before deciding that there wasn’t actually anything really wrong with it. The piece they had thought was bent wasn’t actually bent and they sent us on their way, only charging us a hundred dollars.


After a few hours of driving we made it to the RV park a few miles outside of New Orleans. Where we would stay for the next few days…

A Wonderful Update


It’s nearing the end of our first workamping season here in Lutsen, and boy has it been an eventful one.

We’ve spent so much time with the J-1 students that are also here for the season from different countries. All with different backgrounds and upbringings. It’s never a dull conversation, because nothing is ever the same anywhere. We’ve grown close to two of the students from Turkey who share a room here in the employee housing. But we do enjoy being with all the other students just as much, don’t get me wrong. We spend most of our free time with each other, going out to eat, swimming, or even just being with each one another.

A few months back we decided to adopt a little dog in need. We named her peaches. She’s a twenty five pound terror. She’s so happy to join us on our adventure and we are so happy to have her with us.

Among her terrorizing our small RV household, we’ve had an infestation of chipmunks who decided to come inside of our cabinets and eat all of our nuts while we were asleep!

Over the course of these few months I ventured far out into the woods via the cross country trails and have seen such exciting wild life. Even a close encounter with a giant wolf! The views here are to die for, as well as the constant pestering nuisance of bugs. BUGS BUGS EVERYWHERE! Never in my life have I encountered so many mosquitos.

After months of not being able to hook our water up, I took a light and tried to find the source of the problem and spent around an hour digging through the back of the wall only to find that all I needed to do was unscrew a ventilation hole and I could see right to where the problem was. FIVE MONTHS in the making and we can finally run the water now after all this time of using gallon water jugs.

There’s been so much to do and so little time, I just haven’t gotten the time it seems to just sit down and write down all thats happened. I am too busy wondering by the water falls or walking the dogs. Working five to six days a week, and then hanging out with our friends here.

The time here is so strange. It’s completely different from city time. It feels as if my days are going longer. I love it so much. I can’t wait to see the west coast and experience more of what is out there. This community is so tiny, and we have everything here. But the things I miss the most are food options. Atlanta had everything, any type of food was minutes away. Here it’s one way in and one way out. Grand Marais has a few decent restaurants but only one fast food chain, and thats Dairy Queen. I miss Taco Bell and Moe’s more than anything. A Good southern Mexican restaurant or even a sushi one would be so nice at this point.

I need to try to write more on here. I always forget to or put it on the back burner. I promise there will be more updates.


Well where to begin,


It’s been about a month since we landed here in Lutsen, Minnesota. Chloe and I, have both been working at the Lodge’s restaurant five out of the seven days a week. I’ve been cooking in the back while Chloe has been serving and slinging drinks up front. There’s a beauty here I never thought I would know before. Leaving the south and entering the north was one of the greatest things I’ve ever witnessed. Theres no light pollution so the stars are the most potent I’ve ever seen. They pop and the sky seems to be endless with them.

Things seem to move a little slower up here, and traffic is a two car pile up, or its being stuck behind a slower driver. There’s a town we have been visiting about ten miles north on highway sixty-one which is Grand Marais. It’s a tiny town with a few restaurants and a few grocery stores. A small quiet town, with lights out by eight o’clock. Luckily they have decent brews up here, the town is accompanied with it’s very own Brewery.

A few weeks ago we took a two day trip up to Thunder Bay in Canada, about two hours or so away. We ate poutine in a movie theatre where we saw Super Troopers 2, it was an unplanned trip where we kind of just wondered around the city and drove through it’s streets. Canada’s customs gave us a little hell, while searching through our entire RV for about an hour or so.

The snow and ice is completely gone and so now we are able to enjoy the hiking trails just behind our RV spot. I thoroughly enjoy taking daily walks with both the dogs before or after work, I think they enjoy it just as much as I do. We’ve had such beautiful weather these past few weeks, we’ve been taking full advantage of it. Skipping rocks on Lake Superior and climbing through the giant boulders on the beach.

We’ve been having such a blast in this state, I can’t wait to see more of it. STAY TUNED FOR MORE!!

~Our First Week~

Our full time adventure started 12 p.m. March 29th, 2018.

After receiving the news that we were able to pick our RV up from the repair shop, we had a quick night sleep and ran to grab it from the shop in Kennesaw that next morning. Luckily Sara ( Chloe’s Mom) had a friend named Stephanie that let us keep it in her drive way while we finished the last of the renovations on it. Chloe, Sara, and myself worked all day from Friday to Wednesday finishing everything.

We installed the brand new dometic air conditioner then glued and painted the trim. After what seemed like weeks we were able load all of our boxes of clothes and accessories on Wednesday. We had dinner with my parents and left the following morning, to a RV repair shop because unfortunately on the way to my parents something was smoking underneath, we figured out it was something to do with the wheel. We were reassured that it was okay and sometimes the rotor sticks when it hasn’t been driven in a long time, basically the brakes were overheating and unable to cool down so the grease was dripping and burning off. We were told just to take it easy on the brakes since it hasn’t been driven with THIS much weight in a long while.

We parked at a Walmart and ate some lunch while trying to figure out where the hell we were going to go. We had spent all this time renovating this giant and not enough time figuring out where we were going. Our summer job starts on April 16th, but we have to be up there by April 15th so we have had all this time to do whatever we want.

We traveled two hours of back roads to the Tennessee / Georgia line, where it began to rain- and damn if it didn’t rain the hardest I’ve seen in a long time. We sat around for a few hours at the Rest Stop right off the highway until the rain let up. We drove to Cumberland City, Tennessee and we stayed at a place named Elk Harbor. After a night there we drove another few hours after waking up pretty late. We got to the next spot and were able to stay there for two nights, a spot outside of Cadiz. I can’t remember the name exactly but it had showers and electricity. That’s really all we cared about haha.

We drove an hour out of the small town to an even smaller charming town, where a Root Beer Saloon was home to. On the exterior, a beautiful old building and inside a room covered in taxidermy animal heads and oddities surrounding a bar with four varied root beers on tap. We both got classic floats and a small sandwich to go along with it- what a place. We both enjoyed ourselves and recommend stopping by should you catch yourself near Alto Pass, Illinois. After a late lunch we headed back to the RV park where we stayed the second night. We spent the next day at a park called “The Lake Between Lands” where we viewed elk and bison right from our RV windows, it was incredible to see these animals just feet from our home on wheels.

We spent two days and one night in St. Louis. The first day was spent mostly trying to run around the entirety of the city looking for a safe and big enough parking space to accommodate a twenty seven foot RV. After contacting an RV park a few miles outside of the city, we parked the RV at the park and Lyft’d to the City Museum where we climbed and slid around several floor levels of slides and tunnels. It was an amazing child like experience, one I honestly wish I had when I was younger although still recommended to those of all ages. With old school pinball and baseball games to an entire room dedicated to preserved species of bugs.

After we spent about three hours there, we got a ride back to the park where we stayed that night and ordered almost thirty five dollars worth of side dished from the BBQ place attached to the park. The next day we caught a ride to check out the St. Louis Zoo, a completely free – entry zoo. Unfortunately it was a rather dull and cold day so the animals weren’t too active.

After many, many rainy days we are currently in St. James, Missouri where we’ve been for two nights so far. We are currently staying at an RV park called Pheasant Acres, we were headed down to Arkansas since the weather has been slightly unpredictable, getting down to the very low twenties. This was something we were NOT prepared for. I left Thursday morning wearing shorts and a t shirt, I’m currently wearing jeans and a sweater inside the RV. We’ve decided to stay a few more days, since we feel rather comfy in this park. The host Sherry is very kind and loads us up with free conversation, so it’s a place I don’t mind at all.

Anyways there’s been so much that has happened within the last two weeks and barely enough words or time to describe the happiness and amazement we’ve felt. Thank you to all that have helped us along the way, I can’t wait to share with you more of what will be happening in the coming weeks. THANKS EVERYONE!




So do to a small damaged spot turning out to be a lot bigger than we originally thought, we have had to push our date of departure back. Right now we are not exactly too sure on how long the repair will take. The shop our insurance company recommended told us about 7-10 Business days, once we get the RV back, we will install air conditioner and finish the trim on the floors. Then it will be ready to go! So it’s a minor set back but of time but will be a greater decision in the long run. We will be back soon with pictures!

Three Weeks Away!!

Today is the fifth of February and lets be honest here, these next three weeks will be extremely stressful but it will all be worth it at the beginning of next month. We spent all of today (Monday) trying to finish up the inside.

We were able to use our electrical converter ran through a extension power chord to plug in a space heater for comfort, we’ve never really been able to plug it in, in any location we’ve had it at. The power all works great and has bright, clear lighting. I know what you’re thinking…”You’ve guys owned this thing for a year and some change and you’re just NOW getting around to checking the power?!” The shop we had it at told us that it worked so naturally we believed them!

Chloe’s mom was able to pick us up from our home in Midtown and drive us to my parent’s house in Marietta. We laid grout on the tiling in the space near the bathroom and then began to cut the insulation foam for under the wood flooring. I had my friend Justin come out and drink a few beers while helping me out with this task. He was able to stay and hang around for a few hours while lending a helping hand in whatever we needed help with.

We then started laying the wood flooring down over the insulation, cutting some to fit around the swiveling chair and stairs. We all have NEVER done this, it was a very stressful process but still we weren’t able to finish what we needed as we had ran out of daylight.

There’s a “Bon Voyage” party we are throwing on the twenty-sixth at Smith’s Olde Bar, I was able to get one of my favorite local bands play. “The Carolyn.” We are so excited to have everyone come out and hang one more time before we take off! So many emotions are running through us at all times. The day can’t come soon enough.




Well it’s coming along…

The lift off date, is approaching so rapidly and it’s nerve racking to say the least. While we still are working close to every day, we’re thinking about the trip and doing literally all the research possible to make sure we have places to stay in the first few locations we are traveling to.

Our first real destination is New Orleans, we’ve found a medium sized RV park outside of the French quarter with sweet amenities for the price. Our original goal was to stay in the city for a month and a half to two months to work and experience the city. BUT as fate will have it, thats unfortunately not the case. After many calls to RV parks and people who promised us “workamps” falling through, we frantically searched for another place to find a job and stay at for a bit. Luckily, after only a few phone calls we got a hit.

Though we may only be staying in the city for a week, we will be slowly making our way up to Minnesota, where we have a potential job lined up. A perfect fit for us, on a beautiful resort, with an amazing restaurant and large property. Things have began to look up on our rainy parade as of late.

It’s technically only around a month away and that is terrifying but nonetheless just as exciting. We’ve put in our month’s notice and have began packing our things. Cramming together useless items with sentimental value into beer and liquor boxes. We plan on storing most items we can’t take with us, i.e. our record player, game systems as well as books and various fragile items at our parents houses.

We just began to replace the 28 year old rug that lay on the floor. We are so excited to share the progress. We will keep you guys updated.

–   Jacob


Hey guys! Jacob here, and man, have Chloe and I been busy with the RV. After first buying and sending it to multiple shops over the past year. It’s finally done being tinkered with and we’ve almost completely finished the renovation process. We’ve spent all of our days off and a lot of our free time painting, unscrewing, and caulking the hell out of this thing.

While internally it’s built to run long distances, cosmetically it is a color terror straight from the nineties. Awful yellow rug with small brown runner rugs covering the entirety of the floor, the cabinets are made of wood with a faux gloss finish. A real retro nightmare.

On the first day we picked it up from the shop where they installed the new tires, we drove it twenty-five miles south west to a small house outside of Stone Mountain in Conyers. There is sat for the last two months, We visited it over the course of it’s stay every Monday and any other time we could with our busy, busy work schedule.

Chloe began to unscrew all the cabinets from the hinges and use a thinner of sort, to remove the awful faux wood with gloss from them. This process took FOREVER. After a few day of this, we finally began to prime the cabinets and sand the hell out of our amateur priming job. We ended up finishing the top cabinets about a month and a half after we first brought the RV to the property of a close friend. This time being around winter and close to an hour a way, our window of time during the day was unfortunately very limited.

We were giving a month and possibly longer under the impression that the owners of the  house didn’t mind, but unfortunately it turned to where they needed it off the property. So this becomes a very stressful situation very quickly, we didn’t really have any idea where to keep this massive twenty-seven foot beast of a vehicle. We asked the woman who owns the house we live in, who happens to be my great grandmother if we could keep it here to finish our renovations before our departure date in March. Seeing as it would be 10 feet from our front door, we could get everything we wanted to get done very quickly.

After my grandmother saw the size of the RV she didn’t want it at the house any longer than a week due to the constant activity in the driveway. Again thrown back into a very stressful situation with the problem of having no where to keep this massive thing. We began frantically contacting any one of social media, posting on every website to see if anyone could help us out.

We finally got a hit from a woman who lived in our neighborhood who owns a small chocolate factory outside the Westside of Midtown. We were overly ecstatic and drove it over there the very next morning, we pulled up into a small industrial parking lot and were able to park it right across the lot from her small plot.

We’ve spent about a week and a half here till unfortunately came to where the property manager contacted us and was not approving of our parking situation. We got a lot of things done on the inside while it was so close to us. We were able to re-seal most of the windows, prime and paint the bottom cabinets, and paint the bathroom and walls. We’ve gotten so much of the renovations done, all thats left is placing the doors back onto the frames. As well as covering and painting a clear gloss over a map on the dining table.

Yesterday we were able to drive the RV down to the suburbs of Marietta where my parents live. We have a small water spot under the driver side back window that has slowly been rotting. So over the next week or so, my father and I, along with my brother in law, will begin taking out the window and replacing the rotting wood with new wood.

We are SO close to finishing, it’s right in the palms of our hands. The take-off date is just as close. We’ve encountered such a stressful few months and look forward to telling you more about whats going on. Thank you guys so much for reading and supporting us! Sorry for the first post being a little long, theres just been SO MUCH that has happened in the last few months.

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